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Baja 1000, Rob MacCachren, Vision Wheels -

Vision Wheel dominated the 2016 Baja 1000, as Vision Wheel sponsored racer Rob MacCachren ran away from the field to win this years race by over twenty-seven minutes!  This is the third straight win for Rob Mac but his first on the new Vision Manx Forged Race Wheel. The grueling 854.5 mile race course was conquered in 17 hours, 12 minutes, and 58 seconds, as Rob Mac and co-driver Jason Voss kept the pressure on the entire race. Starting in fifth, after qualifying Rob Mac took the physical lead by race-mile 475, and handed the truck off to Jason Voss...

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Jeremy Spirkoff, Spirit Racing -

THE KID GROWS UP - JEREMY SPIRKOFF'S STOCK FULL-SIZED RACE WINNER - AS CLOSE TO PERFECT AS IT GETS May 2000 Written By Rick "Super Hunky"Sieman Edited By Eddie Perez I met Jeremy Spirkoff a long time ago, back in 1987. Then, he was a tall, skinny 16-year-old kid who needed a haircut, and spent most of his spare time working in the famed Spirit Racing shop in El Cajon, California. Jeremy paid his dues, all right. Early chores included sweeping up the shop, helping unload stuff from delivery trucks and responding to things like ..."Hold this while I cut...

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