About us

Spirit Racing was founded in 1982 by off road racer and fabricator Steve Spirkoff.  Steve laid a solid foundation for his son Jeremy, who literally grew up around off road racing, fabrication, and vehicle design.  Jeremy has had full control of the business for about 15 years.

In the early 90's, Spirit became involved with the legendary off road racing team known as the "Rough Riders".  This Ford factory backed team laid the foundation for modern desert racing, and literally put the sport on the map!  Jeremy pursued a career in desert racing and amassed over 30 wins, a rookie of the year award, and many accolades within the sport. The team was also backed by BF Goodrich, which is a relationship that Spirit has maintained until this day.  Jeremy and his team can be found in the BFG pits at all of the SCORE racing events.

Jeremy's unique experience has laid the foundation for the modern day Spirit Racing.  A focus on craftsmanship is an understatement.  Each component of a build/product is meticulously evaluated down to finest detail.  The Spirit name is synonymous with quality and every project or product that leaves the door is under the direct supervision of Jeremy, and will not leave without his exacting seal of approval.

 Spirit Win List

 	2000 Rookie of the Year
 	2000 SCORE Stock Full Class Champion
 	2000 Baja 2000 [Class Winner - Sixteenth Overall]
 	2000 Baja 500
 	2000 Las Vegas Primm 300
 	2000 San Felipe 250
 	2000 Terrible's Town 250
 	2000 Las Vegas 200 [Class Winner - Eleventh Overall]
 	2000 Best In The Desert Stock Mini Class Champion

 	1999 Best In The Desert Stock Mini Class Champion

 	1998 SCORE Pro Truck Class Champion
 	1998 Best In The Desert Pro Truck Class Champion
 	1998 C.O.R.P. 2nd Place Pro Truck

 	1997 Bill Stroppe Spirit Award
 	1997 Stock Mini Champion
 	1997 Baja 1000
 	1997 Baja 500
 	1997 San Felipe 250 [ First Overall Mini Truck]

 	1996 Stock Mini Champion

 	1995 Stock Mini Champion
 	1995 Baja 1000

 	1994 Stock Full Champion
 	1994 Baja 1000

 	1991 Mini Metal Champion
 	1991 Class 7-S Champion
 	1991 Baja 1000

 	1987 Baja 1000